Frequently Asked Questions-Stand Up Paddleboarding

What is Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)?

It is a very stable surfboard to stand on and use a long paddle in your hand to glide across the water and experience river and landscape that normally cannot be accessed. Check out our trip Options.

Is stand up paddle boarding (SUP) something I can do?

Most people can—and they love it! It is relatively easy to learn…most pick up the basics right away. All ages and skills levels can participate.

Is there a minimum or maximum age or size to paddle?
The minimum age is 10 years old to paddle on your own. 7-10 can ride on board with an adult. As long as you are in good health there is no reason why seniors cannot paddle!

What do I need to bring?
Please wear a swimsuit and sun protection. You need to bring a water bottle and we will bring extra water. Shoes you do not mind getting wet.

What about weather and water conditions?
If we deem the water conditions for the day dangerous we reserve the right to reschedule (safety first). Typically if it is raining, windy, cloudy, or hot we still go out on the river.

I am just one person; can I join a group?
Yes, just sign up and you will be added into a group at the specified time. Also, private lessons are also available upon request.

Where do I go for my trip?
We will pick you up from your hotel or you can come to the shop. 354 N. Main St. Moab Utah.

Is gratuity included?

No, but if you want to let your instructor know what a great job he or she did, it is a way to do that! Or referrals are always welcome too!

Do you do parties, events, youth groups etc?
Yes, we love to! It is a great way to get kids involved in a fun sport and outdoors! Also, it is a wonderful team building experience for work parties. We offer a group discount for 6 or more and then another discount after 12 or more.

What is your refund and rescheduling policy?

Weather Delays: All trips will take place at their scheduled time as long as the weather permits. Paddle Moab reserves the right to postpone at their discretion due to weather or conditions they deem unsafe. If conditions or weather prevent the trip from taking place, the lesson will be rescheduled for future convenient time or card will be refunded.

Cancellations: Trips may be cancelled up to 48 hours before the scheduled trip to obtain a full refund. Cancellation made 48 hours or less before scheduled trip is not eligible for refunds and are considered paid in full.

Rescheduling: If there are open times, you may reschedule so up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled trip. If there are no open times, cancellation terms will apply.

No Shows: There is no refund or re-scheduling for no-show lessons.

Circumstances: We are not responsible for expenses incurred due to transportation related delays, illness, or any other circumstances.


Maybe…after all paddleboarding is a water sport. Many people do not get wet, but those who do usually have more fun. And the sooner you fall off and learn how to get back on the better. Once you are already wet, and you know how to get back on, you are more likely to try more things because who cares you’re already wet? It’s not a badge of honor to stay dry. If you get wet it just means you tried something new.

Something that you don’t mind getting wet: a swimsuit, board shorts, or other moisture wicking, quick-dry, preferably SPF rated, clothing will work great. 

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